Taxi in Amsterdam - SELMS
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SELMS consumer app Amsterdam




Your taxi in Amsterdam!


The new Amsterdam taxi and black car app connects you to safe, reliable and professional SELMS drivers. 

Everytime you order a SELMS car you will get a fully licensed and insured driver. No exceptions. Period. 


Do you need a SELMS Deluxe taxi? A SELMS Vip taxi? A SELMS Van?


All SELMS cars are all luxurious and comfortable cars. We only drive Mercedes E Class (or similar), S class (or similar) and V class (or similar).


Your taxi in Amsterdam is SELMS.

Booking your ride with SELMS is so quick and easy. 

(Pre)book your SELMS car online or from our iPhone app.

Track your driver’s arrival with our SELMS taxi and black car app.

Simply pay your SELMS car automatically with your credit card and get your receipt by email.

Rate your taxi booking and SELMS driver and help us improve our taxi and black car services in Amsterdam.

Download the app now !