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Taxi services.. How it all began with taxi’s in Amsterdam and SELMS

11 feb Taxi services.. How it all began with taxi’s in Amsterdam and SELMS

In today’s society, it is completely accepted to make use of taxi services, no matter where in the world we are located. But how did the taxi concept start? A little history lesson to learn how it all began…

First of all, the term taxi is an abbreviation of the French word taximètre, which is coming from the Greek word taxis (payment). In 1905, the first vehicle with a driver, which practically was a taxi, drove through Amsterdam. A few years later, in 1909, the first official taxi license was issued. In the same year, the Amsterdamse Rijtuigen Maatschappij (ARM) introduced the first official taxi company under the name Amsterdamsche Taxameter Automobiel Maatschappij (ATAX). The cars the ATAX made use of, were electric driven vehicles with a spare wheel between the front fenders. The drivers were seated in the open air. Now days, approximately 40.000 people are working in the Dutch taxi industry with more than 25.000 taxi vehicles!

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